Fueled Hate Set to Unleash New Studio Album ‘March Of The Pigs’


Fueled Hate is a Corby, based five piece metal band who started out in January 2012 and after undergoing a few line up changes, the band have now settled on their final members. With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from rock to groove to hip hop to metal and hardcore, the band shows no limitations with their writing ability and style. With music influenced by bands such as BETZEFER,SYSTEM OF A DOWN,FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH the band mixes metal and hardcore together seamlessly.

Fueled Hate have supported bands such as Krysthla, TRC, Nervosa, Whorion, The Darkhorse, Stormbringer, Vendetta etc. The band were also chosen to play Bloodstock in 2016 and caused a fair amount of chaos with their crazy, high energy live show, which included the barriers getting smashed!

“..This is the next generation of rap metal and the future of where this genre is going. It was like listening to a demonic Dr. Dre with an Anthrax style soundtrack but it was much more than that, this was a band that went beyond labels, pushed the boundaries of & nbsp;aggression and energy and demolished anything they touched”
Get Your Rock Out


‘March Of The Pigs‘ can be pre-ordered at This location HERE

1.Drift/Random Thoughts
2.Over Again
3.Hide And Seek
4.This Life
9.Begging Me

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